Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday (7w5d)

Seriously, has anyone else around here noticed that time is almost at a stand-still? This week is at the approaching-eternity mark!

Yesterday DH took the kids grocery shopping while a sweet friend of ours came over and did some housecleaning for us (thank you again!!). I got to rest continuously for several hours, which was just wonderful. So that was really nice. Of course the downside is that I am just as exhausted when I get up as I was beforehand, but I'll take it anyway!

Still stable, still okay, not in HG. I'll take that!

Baby's guess-date is sometime in early February. However, I have told her firmly that she is only to show up on Feb. 1st or Feb. 10-19th. Why? Because those dates are (if you get rid of excess zeroes) palindromes, and I would love it if all three of our babies could have palindrome birthdays! So.... the chances aren't that great, but that's my goal.

You know, NVP puts a lot of stress on one's family. Ever noticed that? (Heads nodding, yes.) There's a big financial strain, from added food bills and other expenses. But there's also the family/marital strain, which is always present and which - I think - gets bigger the more kidlets one has. Most of this is simply because one's husband has to take over just about everything that one usually does, which results in mega-stress. Poor guys. I'll be glad when I can jump back in and give DH more of a hand with family life.

I've also noticed that with each pregnancy, my stamina and energy are less. I've been pregnant at 25, 28 and now 30, and I find drastic reductions in my endurance and energy levels with each baby. I used to think it was silly to list "advanced maternal age" as a pregnancy risk factor, but now I'm not so sure. I am tired!!

Okay, better get back to life, I guess. I'd like to go back to bed..... might just do that, since DH and DS are gone. I covet your continued prayers, dear friends!

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  1. I've been pregnant at 26/27, 28/29, and then 32 (he was born 2 days after I turned 33). My body felt it badly this last pregnancy. I kept telling my husband I must be getting old because this is so much harder!

    I am sorry the time is passing so slowly for oyu :(


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