Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday (7w2d)


That about sums it up.

Okay, for details:

Yesterday I trekked over to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine's clinic to go after those vitamin shots recommended in that one article (check my protol - the link is in there). It took a while - about two hours - but it was a good experience and I highly recommend the place. We're set up on a weekly basis for however long we need.

I must admit that I did freak out a little about the shot itself. I happen to be needle-phobic to the extreme, and as such, have made it the business of my life to avoid needles. Thus, I have made it through the past twenty-odd years with only two blood draws and no other injections at all. So I was a bit freaked out! But thankfully it was really minor and hardly hurt at all, so that was good. Not saying I won't freak out next week too, but I'll do my best.

Did it help? I have no idea. I think I did feel better than usual yesterday, but I was also completely shot, which may have been just because I was "on" and up and active for so long yesterday morning. Blech. Today I am going back to focusing on doing nothing.

Unfortunately, my parents left this morning (three full days earlier than we were originally expecting), so we are on our own. Double yuck!

So today is a bit of a downer..... And I am bummed that time just seems to be moving so incredibly slowly. The first trimester is a house guest which has my permission to leave at any time - the sooner the better - but which seems to be sticking around on an eternal basis. Time, move more quickly!

Later, all!


  1. Hang in there, friend! I'm praying! You can do it. You can do it. You can do it!!!!! :)

  2. Thank you, Anna! I'm afraid I need all the cheerleading I can get. I will be one thankful woman when this is OVER!!! :)

  3. Pregnancy and feeling like a pin cushion seem to go hand in hand. I'm glad you managed and I'm sure it's common not to like injections, you'd be weird if you did. Xxx

  4. 7 weeks and no IV's. THIS is a GOOD thing. Yes its going slowly, but it will pass, and you are doing really great.


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