Thursday, June 9, 2011

Checking in, Thursday, a.m.

I can't believe this week is almost over! Hurray!!!!!

As of right now.... I am fine. Praising God for that! Just occasional nausea and the usual nausea-at-night. Nothing else. Hurray!

(Today I'm a bit tired due to (1) a cranky co-sleeping baby, (2) insomnia, worsened by usual night-time anxiety, and (3) a very vivid dream in which I was catering a friend's wedding but didn't start working on any of it until an hour and forty-five minutes before the wedding (ack!). But other than that - fine!)

We have decided that we are going to ask for a viability ultrasound at about eight weeks. Normally we don't do ultrasound, but we think we might on this one. We'll see when we get there.

Oh, and I should mention that we haven't "officially" announced this pregnancy yet. A lot of people know, either through this blog, or through necessity (needing to explain hastily cancelled plans, etc.), or through DH's slip-ups (resulting in his family knowing; my family doesn't). We normally announce very early (as in "honey, the test is positive, get the family on the phone!") but this time I have just wanted to keep it quiet. DH is going along with that for my sake, though secrets do not come naturally to him - quite the reverse! :) So, although many people know through one route or another, our pregnancy is still "unannounced."

My parents will be visiting next week, so we'll have to break the silence then, and at that point we'll probably make things public knowledge.

Oh, and my Zofran prescription got approved! I had almost given up on it, but I got a phone call from our insurance yesterday telling us that it had been approved. Hurray!

It took an entire week, though - thank goodness I didn't actually need it! Last time it was rather panic-inducing, when I was trying to make phone calls and coordinate offices, all while getting sicker and sicker. It was scary. This time (1) I have leftover Zofran, and (2) I'm not using it right now anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal.

I'm going to fill the prescription anyway, though, even though I'm not using it - because (1) I may need it yet, God forbid, and (2) Zofran is like chocolate-peanut-butter-ice-cream pie - one can't possibly have enough of it! LOL! (Even though it was showing signs of not working for me this time..... which is so scary that I can't even think about it.)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. So glad you are doing this well! Praise God!

  2. it could have been not working because it was old, looses potency.
    Have you give thought at to why you might be doing so well this time around

  3. Well done! Every week is a celebration. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time at night. Don't things have such a way of looming large then? Just you snuggle into baby's hair and listen to the peaceful breathing. Good news about the Zofran being approved.

  4. Just re-read the cranky baby comment, so much for peaceful breathing. I was reading a post on a blog you link to about hypnosis for helping with HG and sleep. Wonder if hypnosis is worth a go. What do you think? I was thinking of trying hypnobirthing anyway.

  5. Sleepwalker - Hmmm, hypnosis! I wonder! I haven't been any good at hypnosis before, but it's always worth a try.

    BTW, if you are thinking of trying hypnosis methods for childbirth, I have heard much much much better things about Hypnobabies than I have about Hypnobirthing. It may be just coincidence, but that's what I've heard - and of course, it may vary by family. If you look at the "Enjoy Birth" blog (link from my other blog), the author of that blog is a Hypnobabies instructor and has lots of links and info about hypnosis methods for childbirth.

    BTW, I had to look up Reiki to see what it was, LOL! I've heard of it, but am not really familiar with it. Let me know how it goes!


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