Thursday, January 29, 2009

9 weeks, 0 days: Another Milestone

Yes, here we are! Nine weeks and moving right along. I'm not going to claim victory till after the first trimester is completed (and probably not even then - HG has been known to show up unexpectedly later in pregnancy), but each passing day gives a little more hope that HG has been avoided. Huzzah!

This last week is one which I will be glad to forget. We are still phone-less and internet-less, surrounded by stacks of boxes in the most chaotic mess you've ever seen, due to the presence of an active toddler and a mum who is too tired to unpack - and too nauseated to even THINK about unpacking the kitchen! Add onto that an inventory list that was lost until yesterday (so searching for anything meant a random hacking open of boxes in vain and futile searches), a couple of scorpions, various financial tangles, and a really nice version of the stomach flu which hit DH two nights ago! I will be very, very glad to leave this week (and probably the next couple weeks!) far, far behind.

And so I will leave you with this parting rejoinder - NEVER plan a move during early pregnancy! (Or, conversely, never plan a pregnancy during a move!)

Love to all,

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