Thursday, January 22, 2009

8 weeks, 0 days: Upcoming Radio Silence

Hello, everyone! I thought I'd better write another blog entry quickly so that my last incendiary political entry didn't show up first to newcomers. :)

Things are fine here. I grow more confident each day that HG has been avoided through the combination of divine mercy and Zofran/Unisom, but I'll be holding my breath till at least the end of the first trimester. I'm a nice deep shade of green, but nothing worse, and I'm only throwing up every other day or so. My goodness, though, how the world smells! I am avoiding my kitchen like the plague, because just being close to it is nauseating.

This pregnancy is playing out just like the last one, in terms of likes and dislikes. Last time I had to wait till I could eat before they manifested; now they're here earlier. The things I like best are extremely strong/pungent things - meat-lover's pizza and hotdogs smothered in condiments. If you want to make me gag, on the other hand, show me a salad or a chicken breast.

We are moving on Saturday, so expect a bit of a delay in entries!

Love to all,

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