Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5 weeks, 6 days: The Whining Puker Returns

Here I am again! I thought I'd update quickly in between runs to the bathroom. The Whining Puker is officially back in business.

After that weird 2 1/2 day hiatus of nausea, it returned full-force Monday afternoon. I started throwing up last night and am continuing the trend today. :)

My first move, other than to make a firm and final decision that this is my LAST PREGNANCY NO MATTER WHAT, was to decide to change OB's. Enough with the lemon and ginger, for crying out loud. So I've been on the phone this morning looking for possibilities, and I have an appointment for tomorrow morning. Whether it'll pan out or not is anyone's guess. I feel nervous because I am venturing outside of the world of midwife-friendly OB's, and I know that some of them can get quite vitriolic when they want to. Hopefully this one won't.

I'll check in after that appointment! Love to all!

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  1. Yay. I guess. I feel really weird congratulating you on nausea and vomiting... but you know what I mean. :-)

    Maybe those supplements you've been taking worked.

    And be careful what you wish for!!


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