Friday, January 2, 2009

5 weeks, 1 day: Is It Too Early for Optimism?

As we begin the fifth week (or really, I suppose, the sixth week), things are doing just fine. Nausea remains constant at several minor/moderate periods per day, with nothing worse. It seems to get a bit worse each day, but still nothing to worry about.

I find myself alternating between periods of hopefulness and periods of beating myself over the head for being optimistic before it's justifiable. Five weeks is really when nausea is supposed to start, not when it peaks or finishes. So I've got a long time ahead of me before I can be hopeful. My guess is that the next two weeks will be really important in predicting the future of this pregnancy.

Also, I have no guarantee that this is not another blighted ovum pregnancy (a type of pregnancy doomed to early miscarriage in which pregnancy symptoms are muted or absent). I've had a bit too much nausea to seriously consider this possibility, but it's always possible.

If this pregnancy does end up being less of a catastrophe than the last, the truth is that I'll never know the reason behind it. It could be that it was just a naturally easier pregnancy, or it could be that the supplements helped. As I don't have an identical twin pregnant at exactly the same time with exactly the same child who is NOT taking the supplements I am, I don't have a control factor!

Other than mild nausea, I've got heartburn (a first for me!) and lots of fatigue, but I think the fatigue is at least 50% Unisom! They say the drowsiness wears off after a couple of weeks, so that'll be nice (*yawn*).

So I just wanted to say that all is well for now. Let's pray that it stays that way! My biggest goal for this pregnancy and this blog is one big, fat anti-climax. The final chapter could read like this: "And it proved in the end that she had fussed for nothing; her next and all subsequent pregnancies were nausea-free, and the blog closed for complete lack of reader interest." I would much rather not have the next world-famous HG blog!!

Love to all,

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