Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 weeks, 5 days: Move Completed

Yes, we're moved, praise the Lord! It was quite a project. Now we have a home that is hard to navigate due to piles of boxes, but at least we're in. I am too tired and/or nauseated to even THINK about unpacking more than about one box a day, so we'll be lucky to be unpacked by the time baby arrives. But at least life can (hopefully) assume a less-frantic pace now that our deadline is over and done with!

I think my approach to new-home-ownership can be described as something like "panic-stricken" or maybe "terror-filled." I might just have to change the name of this blog to "The Panic-Stricken Homeowner"! I'm just waiting nervously for things to quit, explode, burn, flood, break, leak or cave in. We've gotten through the first 48 hours with no catastrophes and only one scorpion, though, so things are coming along! Hubbie is as happy as a bug - he loves bustling about the house checking on things. It's the male-protector in him, I think! So he is beaming and I'm cowering, and things are moving right along.

I started throwing up a lot more than usual the day after our move and have kept it up - more like every couple of hours rather than just in the afternoons. Maybe I overdid it? Or maybe it's paint/carpet fumes? Who knows. Hopefully it'll calm down. I'm getting my wonderful stomach muscles back from all the exercise throwing up, but frankly, I'd rather just be a non-muscled and non-vomiting wimp.

I've discovered a big problem with cravings. I'll decide that something sounds good, but by the time that the 24-48 hours goes by for me to send DH to the store to get the supplies to make it, things have reversed and the previously-desired item is now absolutely revolting. This has happened at least five times! So I think I'm just going to give up on it and stick to instant oatmeal (a gooey mess, but easy on the stomach and easy to make).

Well, it's time to head for home! We have no internet or phone at home for the next 3-7 days, so all communication is done from work and/or church. Our email address has been cancelled, too, so if you email me it'll probably come back! I'll post our new address as soon as we have one.

Love to all!

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