Thursday, January 8, 2009

6 weeks, 0 days: Ruffling Feathers

Congratulate me, everyone! I've just been kicked out of an OB's office. I feel deliciously wicked.

But also disappointed.

Anyhow, here's how it happened: Yesterday I posted on to find OB's who were experienced in treating HG. One woman wrote and said that she had had HG and that her practice ("practice X") had been just great in treating her. So I called them up yesterday and spent about half an hour on the phone getting my situation approved to work with their practice. (Note: The difficult thing about my situation is that since I have a prenatal care provider, my midwife, I don't need prenatal care - just help with HG. Unfortunately, a lot of OB's just won't take you as a client unless you're also there for prenatal care.) After the receptionist had spoken with a supervisor, gotten my situation approved, and put a note about it on my chart, we set up an appointment for today.

Fast forward to today: I go in, things go swimmingly. Despite the usual indignities of OB care that I hate (having someone else do your urine test, for example - midwives have their clients do their own), I really liked them and I LOVED the OB. She didn't pull any punches. No "ginger and lemon." It was just straight down the line. "Okay, you're on Unisom, let's put you on Zofran as well (yes!!!), and if things get worse we'll set you up with a home healthcare nurse." Hurray!!!! But then disaster struck. She started talking prenatal labs, etc., so I had to interject: "You do know I'm not here for prenatal care, right? Just help with HG?" Then it all fell apart. She was really nice, but she said she couldn't work with me. She's going to check with people to make sure, so I'll find out for sure later, but for now it's over. Sarah, I know you warned me about this, but I just didn't want to go through all the prenatal tests and hide the fact that I have a midwife. If it keeps up like this, though, I may have to.

So.... Now what? Well, I've got two choices. I can go back to Dr. Ginger & Lemons, or I can try another doctor. Right now I'm too tired to decide. I'll try to talk to my midwife later today and see what she thinks. I would LOVE it if this practice would change their minds, because they are just what I need. However, it probably won't happen.

Lesson for the day: Do NOT take fish oil when you will be throwing up soon. Just DON'T.

Until later.....

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  1. oh no! Did she at least let you take a prescription until you can find someone else? Are you still getting an U/S tomorrow?


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