Tuesday, January 13, 2009

6 weeks, 5 days: Waiting for Insurance

Today is a day off from the insurance fight, thankfully! Right now I'm waiting for my OB to fax in her paperwork to the insurance company. Then we have to wait for their response. If they reject it, there's another appeals process to try. This won't be over anytime soon!

If it gets too difficult, I'm thinking of trying for Phenergan rather than Zofran. It's supposedly not quite as effective but easier to get. HG mums, any advice?

Right now I'm having reverse morning sickness. I wake up feeling fine (probably because I set my alarm for 5:30am to take a Zofran to combat early-morning nausea) and then progressively feel worse till bedtime, at which point I'm just looking forward to morning! I've been having a lot of trouble with nausea waking me up. Oh, and I am having some CRAZY dreams! I think that's typical of pregnancy. Last night it was an X-files type car chase through some crazy government warehouse, with houses burning down and mystery documents and all the fixings. Goodness!

So we're holding the line. No official HG yet (I think I'd be where I was last time but for the Bendectin and Zofran - thank goodness for them!), just bad morning sickness. Seven weeks will be a big milestone for me because at that point last time I was really, really sick - and miserable as it occasionally is over here, we're not at that point!!

I'll keep checking in! Keep those prayers coming!!

Oh, and I've really started utilizing the forums at www.hyperemesis.org - they are the BEST. If you haven't checked them out yet, definitely do!

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  1. I used (and still use) phenergen and zofran. In the beginning zofran worked and phenergen didn't do anything. POST pregnancy, the phenergen seems to be helping some. Beware, though, some people describe a "climbing the walls" reaction to phenergen. I had it mildly once or twice when there was phenergen in my IV and it dripped a little too fast. Remember insurance might pay for the pump when they won't pay for the pills. (if the phenergen doesn't work) I'll add this to my prayer list! Hang in there!


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