Monday, January 12, 2009

6 weeks, 4 days: Ultimate Frustration

Question: What has thousands of employees but no information, takes all of your money and gives you nothing in return, and can bring a normal, healthy woman to the brink of either tears or insanity by the time she gets off the phone with them?

Answer: Your friendly local insurance company, of course!

Which brings me to my.......

LESSON OF THE DAY: HG mothers, start your fight for drugs when you get pregnant - NOT when you need the drugs!!

This has been a frustrating morning. I have literally spent the past five hours on the phone with various people (drug companies, insurance, doctors, etc.) and don't really feel any further along, except in that some of my options have been closed.

I won't rehash the entire frustrating experience for you, but suffice it to say that it has been beyond frustrating. Kind of like running on a hamster wheel. Nobody knows anything, nobody can say anything, and everyone says, "I'll take a message for you," which means, of course, that your message will never get to anyone and your call will certainly not be returned.

Thankfully I have my small supply of Zofran to get me through the next week or so while we fight this battle. I pray it's over soon, because it is exhausting and mostly fruitless. But I am extremely angry with our insurance company and tired of trying to fight this battle which continually goes nowhere.

I wanted to mention one more thing - Some of you have been so good to phone or email me, and I've been terrible about getting back with people. Please have patience! Right now I'm dealing with round-the-clock nausea and am just too tired to be a good correspondent. I will eventually get back with everyone, but in the meantime, know that your notes and calls are much appreciated!!

Love to all,


  1. I went through the same battles when I was pregnant with DD. The insurance company would not give me Zofran until I had lost x amount of lbs, been in the hospital for IV treatments, etc, etc. We have new insurance now- and once we started TTC I called them and went through everything. Knock on wood- it sounds like this time won't be a hassle.

    Also- FYI, they now have a generic for Zofran, apparently it is easier to get covered by the insurance companies!

  2. A generic for Zofran!! Awesome! I also had to fight with my insurance company to get Zofran last time around. There was a nurse "assigned" to me who would call periodically to ask me how I was feeling. I felt like I had to tell her I was on death's door or be denied my Zofran. Insurance is a huge pain. I am sorry you're having a problem with it and hope you can resolve it soon.

  3. Are the midwives or the OB able to do battle with the insurance company in your stead? They may have some clout.


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