Friday, January 9, 2009

HER Foundation and University of Southern California Collaboration - HG Study

I've just put a permanent link about this on my sidebar, but I wanted to add an entry as well. The HER Foundation (HyperEmesis Research) and USC (University of Southern California) are teaming up to do an HG research project to study the links between genetics and HG. If you have ever had HG, you can do future HG-mums a big favor by participating! It is super-simple. Just follow the links to get in touch with the researchers and learn more about the study. This is not effort-intensive and is very user-friendly. Please try to get involved!!

The researchers are also looking for mothers who have not had HG to serve as controls. So regardless of whether or not you've had HG, if you've had a baby you're eligible to help with this study!

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  1. They are also looking for non-HGer's as well. (Women who have had at least 2 pregnancies progress past 2 weeks, did NOT have HG, and are between the ages of 18 and 50. ) These women will act as "controls." SO- if you know anyone who fits this description- pass it on! :) Thanks, Diana for posting this!!!!!


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