Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 weeks, 5 days: A Lesson Relearned

Yesterday I relearned an old, old lesson - beware of smells when you are pregnant with morning sickness!

I had learned this lesson many times with DS, and of course, when one is pregnant with NVP, the whole world smells nauseatingly BAD - all the time, no exceptions. But I had forgotten how crushing strong odors can be, the more so because I pretty much stopped cooking when my NVP showed up, and DH has been eating mainly take-out (which, thankfully, is prepared OFF-SITE) or cold, non-smelly foods.

SO... Last night, DH decided to broil some hotdogs. I wasn't enthusiastic, but I went along with it. Oh, my goodness. I lasted for 5-10 minutes. My nausea levels skyrocketed unbelievably, and I completely lost it with one of the most violent and prolonged vomiting spells I've had this entire pregnancy! It was priceless. After coming out of the bathroom, I (1) told DH that he would be faced with instant annihilation if he EVER used the broiler again during this pregnancy, and (2) took my bottle of Trader Joe's orange oil spray and drenched my pillow and surrounding regions with it (so much so that I ended up burning my cheek with the stuff, LOL!) so that I could go to sleep protected from that hideous stench which now penetrated the entire house. Wow. I won't make that mistake again!

And so... Beware of odors. They are more powerful than you know.

Our move is going.... slowly. My goal (and it's actually been hard to keep to) is to unpack one box a day. Sometimes I manage it, sometimes I don't. All I can say is that we'll probably be able to hold our housewarming party and our Christmas party at the same time, at the rate I'm going! But I'm waiting for my mom to come back out - I will let her tackle the kitchen. Just looking at dishes and canned food is horribly nauseating, so I'm not even trying. Right now I'm spending a lot of time outside with DS. Don't know about the rest of you out there, but I just can't stand the smell of my house. I guess it's just the stale air with food smells thrown in (not to mention diaper smells, etc.), but just dealing with the smell of my house is a challenge. Last time I had to wait until the first week postpartum before my house stopped smelling. I'm hoping for a quicker resolution this time since my NVP is under the control of drugs, but I'll have to wait and see.

Right now I seem to have reverse morning sickness. I wake up feeling okay, and it just goes downhill from there until bedtime, when things are generally pretty desperate. I am thanking God for Zofran and Unisom, because I would be dead without them.

We FINALLY have internet, and will hopefully have email soon. So life is progressing! One small step at a time.

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