Thursday, February 26, 2009

13 weeks, 0 days: Into the Second Trimester!

Mmmmmmmmmm. Life is good. Very, very good.

The above translated: We had our first visit with our midwives!!! Yes!!! At last!!! It was like coming home after a long, long time away. I have missed those visits horribly! There's nothing like it in the world. I'm just bummed that it's another month before our next visit! But I mean to savor every moment of this pregnancy, and I don't want to rush it (now that I'm feeling a wee bit better, that is!). But after hanging out in doctors' offices so much, it was just great to be back home.

In fact, I have sometimes contemplated lifelong childbearing just to be able to continue our visits with our midwives! Two problems, though. #1 - the everlurking threat of HG, #2 - the fact that I don't want a big family (in fact, I find the thought of two children to be overwhelming!). I adore being pregnant, but a big family is not something I deeply desire. Otherwise, I might just do it so we could spend time with our great midwife team!

Here is our midwives' webpage, just for fun (and I know that all of my readers have prenatal care providers they love, so please know that I'm not trying to win converts!):

Global Midwifery Homepage

I would also post Wendi's page from Arizona Midwives, which featured a picture of Wendi holding DS a few moments after his birth, but upon visiting the site I find that it is being reconstructed and is mostly unavailable. Next time!

We were also able (easily, this time) to find baby's heartbeat!! Hurray!!! Despite being wildly pro-life, I still have a feeling of unreality about pregnancy until that magical moment, and it was just great. Much different from last time. Last time, I'm afraid to say, I was too stinking sick to really care. It wasn't a big deal. This time, feeling better and having brain-space for thoughts other than "I want to die!", I was absolutely ecstatic. Hurray!!

Today we officially enter second-trimester land, a big land-mark for me. Of course, the concept of trimesters is a completely artificial human construct - but it still is a big deal! I am so thankful to be past the first part, even though I'm still feeling yucky (expected).

In other good news... DH got the position with his company! Hurray! He starts in two weeks.

So after last week being a week of disappointments and delays, this week was a week of completion and joy. What a nice conclusion! And now, onto the challenges that we will face in coming weeks.

Love to all!

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  1. Congratulations on hearing the baby's heartbeat! And on your DH getting that job. What a great week for you all. :) I had my appt this week, too, and we heard our little one's heartbeat (175 bpm). You're so right about the difference the 2nd time around--I also was feeling so horrible the 1st time that I cared, but not as deeply as I probably should have. Now that I'm all zofran-ed up, life is much more peachy. Take care!


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