Monday, February 16, 2009

11 weeks, 4 days: First Pregnancy Perks!

First, a question: Is it normal for a woman to go from feeling "slightly showing" to "six months showing" over the process of a week? My goodness! My waistline has expanded drastically this past week! I'd be thinking "twins" except for the fact that I have heard that almost every second-time mom experiences this amazement at how much faster one starts showing the second time through. Anyone out there had the same experience? All I know is that my too-big pants are only going to fit for another couple of weeks, and then it'll be into maternity pants! Hurray! My favorite part. The one time of a woman's life when she's actively trying to get people to notice how far her stomach sticks out, LOL!! (Last time I wore the tightest clothes I could find and only got the following: "Gosh, you aren't showing much, are you?") This time I think it will be easier, mwa ha ha ha!

I also had another fun experience.... My back started itching a couple of days ago! Last time it took me a week to figure it out; this time, only about 12 hours - this is the sign that my tummy skin is stretching! How fun. I don't know if that's common or not, but it was a fun realization. For me the first trimester has almost nothing to do with "baby" - it's always just "SICK." These little things have reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm still sick, but the peak is definitely past (so far, that is). My stomach still gives me tons of trouble and nausea is an ever-present companion, sometimes problematically so, but it's better than it was a couple of weeks ago. I am extremely thankful for that. I can even cut up an apple for my toddler! Hurray!

My mom is coming to stay with us at the end of this week, so I shall assign the kitchen to her and look the other way while food is put away (*gag*). Real-life friends, please remember that I keep my blogging life private from my parents (with all due respect to my excellent parents, blogs about my reproductive life aren't something I really want my mother reading), so please don't mention these blogs to them if you see them while they're in town.

Have a wonderful holiday! I'll check back in soon, probably after our first midwife appointment this week. Love to all!


  1. I had to laugh about that last "IRL" paragraph. Nobody I know reads my birth blog, and only one person I know reads my personal blog. I rather like the anonymity involved. Although it feels weird to say that the blog is "private" when I know I have lots of subscribers -- but because I don't know them personally, I feel more comfortable blogging about private matters. It should be the opposite, but I'd rather discuss my female life online with a bunch of strangers than with people I actually know....


  2. Diana--awesome news about continuing to feel better. And you're so right about the belly bursting earlier. I'm at 10 weeks now and I am already into my "big" pants. What's your actual due date? Thanks for the info on zofran. I don't know why my doc has always prescribed me 4 mg pills (with this pregnancy and my last). I have an appt on Monday and will talk to them about it, but I am starting to feel a bit better, too, so hopefully getting a bigger dose won't be necessary. You are so close to the 2nd trimester!


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