Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 weeks, 0 days: Another Milestone!

I am so pumped to be at the 10 week mark!! I've been waiting for this for a long, long time. An online HG-friend (A., I think this was you?) said that morning sickness is supposed to peak at 10 weeks because that's when hormone levels stabilize. (Anyone know anything more about that?) And so, with that said, I am expecting to wake up tomorrow morning-sickness free!!

Just kidding, I might add. I remember with DS how desperate I was for that magical 13-week mark, because that's when all the pregnancy books said that morning sickness would be over for good. Ha! (And I've since read that that's rarely accurate.) With DS my morning sickness didn't peak till around 20 weeks, but I'm hoping for better things this time since we've got it somewhat under control.

But regardless, I'm still very excited. And not only should the NVP peak soon (if it hasn't already), but we're within a stone's throw of the end of the first trimester! That in itself is a cause for celebration. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we'll be able to hear a heartbeat for the first time, and maybe then I'll be able to actually feel pregnant instead of just sick! Exciting stuff.

Well, work calls! I'll check in soon. Things are looking up!


  1. Diana--Hello and congratulations on 10 weeks! I am so glad you're feeling (reasonably) ok. And what's up with your husband broiling hot dogs? Hehe. My husband made a pizza with everything on it this past weekend, and that sent me running to the bathroom, so I understand! So far I am not too sick; controlling it with Zofran in the morning and Zantac 75 at night. And nibbling throughout the day. I was hoping to avoid Zofran so that I could continue to nurse my 14-month-old, but it just got to be too much. Zofran is, thankfully, a miracle again for me. Take care and hope your move-in is going well.

  2. I heard the same thing about the 10 week mark. I was told by my Matria nurse that the placenta starts to "take over" at 10 weeks, so your hormone levels stop climbing. (I can't remember if they drop or not.) Okay, I know none of that sounded very medically sound, but that's what I remember. :)

  3. That's been my experience - peaking by 11 weeks and gone away completely by 14. I'm 13 1/2 now so yay!

    And Rachel - "I was hoping to avoid Zofran so that I could continue to nurse my 14-month-old" - WHAT???
    Zofran is a category L2 drug which is not safest but still "safer". Unless you or your baby have some medical problem of which I am unaware, there is no reason why you can't breastfeed while taking Zofran. I actually bf my 2yo during my last pregnancy while on the Zofran SQ pump. The biggest problem was that it hurt to have him sit on my lap with all the bruises and knots on my leg and abdomen - ugh. Contact me if you want references/links.


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