Saturday, February 7, 2009

10 weeks, 2 days: Email at Last!

We finally got our computer up, after 2 weeks post-move! It's been a long, long process. Therefore, I will now be receiving comments left on this blog (since we moved I've just had to check manually) and will be able to respond to them! Rachel and Anna, thank you for your sweet notes on my last entry! Rachel, I am praying for your pregnancy and am glad things are controllable so far.

We were at our midwife's house this morning, and she offered to try to find a heartbeat for us while we were there - fun! But no dice. Disappointing, but not alarming (to anyone but a paranoid mama-brain, that is) - 10 weeks is pretty much the earliest that they can (sometimes) get a heartbeat with a doppler, and I remember that they had a hard time at 13 weeks with us last time. We're going to go in for our first appointment in two weeks (hurray!!!) and will try again to get a heartbeat then. I am really pumped. Seriously, guys, I have had serious thoughts in the past of getting pregnant JUST so I could go back to having appointments with my midwives. They rock! There's nothing like a good hour-appointment with a midwife to make your day/week/month.

I am feeling a wee bit better and am rejoicing in it! In fact (dum dum da da dum) I haven't thrown up in 24 hours! Huzzah!! That's what I call progress.

Off to do things I should be doing!


  1. Yeah, my first prenatal appt was at 9 weeks -- no heartbeat; my 2nd was at 13 weeks -- still no heartbeat! She scheduled my 3rd for 2 weeks later because she knew I was concerned that we couldn't hear the heartbeat. So, 15 weeks, we heard it, but only briefly -- my son was avoiding the ultrasound! No two ways about it in my mind -- every time we used the Doppler (ultrasound), he would run from it if he could, or kick and squirm when he got too big. Even during labor & pushing, he'd move when she checked his heartbeat!


  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better- if only just a little! You're doing great!! Can't wait to hear about your appointment. :)


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