Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weird Pregnancy Fantasies!

Do you ever dream about some aspect of pregnancy or childbirth? Some people fantasize about a painless birth experience or dream about a homebirth after a hospital birth or wish for a faster birth.

Me? I fantasize about a pregnancy and birth like this one (which happened a few minutes away from us) - a pregnancy in which I felt so normal and non-pregnant that I wouldn't even know I was pregnant.
"A Gilbert woman, who thought she was having severe menstrual cramps, ended up delivering a baby Wednesday morning in the emergency room of Banner Gateway Medical Center.
“I left home at 9:15 and she was born at 9:59,” said Janae Colvard.
Colvard talked exclusively with ABC15 from her hospital bed on Thursday night and insisted she had no idea she was pregnant.
“I gained some weight, but not to where I thought I was pregnant,” she said. “I didn’t feel [the baby] move. I had my normal cycle.”
Colvard said her friend drove her to the hospital after the abdominal pain became too intense.
“I kept feeling like I needed to use the restroom, on top of this pressure and I happen to reach down all of a sudden … and there was a head,” she said."
Can you imagine?

Similarly - a woman in one of my Facebook groups recently posted, "I think I'm pregnant, because I have a linea nigra and I feel the baby move."

Oh, goodness - that sounds wonderful.

Not that I want to miss out on pregnancy - I love being pregnant and savor every moment of it - but I would love to feel that well during pregnancy. Not the debilitating nausea around the clock. Not the high dosages of Zofran and Unisom to keep even basic functionality. Not the throwing up before I can even get a positive pregnancy test. Not the postpartum residual nausea that lasts 1-2 years.

But I can dream!

What are your pregnancy and birth dreams?

However they get here, they're CUTE! 

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