Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back in the (Slow-Cooking) Saddle Again!

This week, our oven decided to go out! It's been going... going... going... for many months, and now it seems like it's finally taken the final dive. Not that I won't try it again anyway, but it seems pretty much gone. 

However, on our current budget, repairs and replacements are both out. While we wait, this means that it's back to the Crock-pot! I have been big on Crock-pots for the last three or so years, being that they are such a blessing in enabling me to cook dinner in the morning rather than the awful-horrible-hour-o'-crank known as "dinnertime." However, this past year or so I've gotten away from the Crock-pot just because Crock-pot recipes tend to be very high-carb, and thus very difficult to combine with the VLC diet. 

But I'm back! And ready to give it a go! Here are some of my latest projects:

Crock-pot Salsa (I would be doing this in the Crock-pot even if we had an oven, so this doesn't technically count!):

Crock-pot coffee cake! This got rave reviews! (Below was a half-recipe made in a 1 1/2-quart dish.)

Crockpot custard - custards do really well in the Crock-pot (2 1/2-3 hours on HIGH, covered with foil, lifted off the bottom with rolled-up foil, with 2-3 cups hot water added). 

I also made a friend's granola recipe in the Crock-pot - assemble as usual, and cook 2-4 hours on LOW, stirring every half hour. I did the full four hours and did end up burning the bottom, so next time I'll stop at three hours (and be careful of the stirring!).

I am looking forward to trying more Crock-pot desserts, as well as main dishes. I don't think I will try things like pizza and French fries, but everything else is fair game! I have learned that there are low-carb versions of most dishes, and now I am learning that there are Crock-pot versions of most dishes as well!

Things I already love cooking in the Crock-pot:

- Meat stock (meat bones, celery/carrot/onion, peppercorns, bay leaf, water + 24 hours = stock!)
- Soups or stews
- Wet-cook meats
- Vegetables for baby food, especially winter squashes
- Date-nut bread
- Spaghetti sauce
- Roast beef
- Mexican casserole

One of my favorite Crock-pot books is Mabel Hoffman's "Crockery Cookery" - highly recommended! Her Shell Casserole is always a huge hit, even with the kidlets. 

If you have any awesome recipes or other Crock-pot ideas to pass along, please do! 

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