Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chilling at the Liberty Festival. Literally.

This past weekend we traveled into Phoenix for the first annual American Liberty Festival, put on by the good people at We Make History - the same organization that puts on the American Heritage Festival (see our pictures of that event here) and local historical dances and balls, as well as many other events! (Check out their website for more information and lots of great pictures!)

We had a great time! Like the Heritage Festival, the Liberty Festival had displays, reenactors to talk to, and great battle reenactments - all of which pertained to the Colonial Period and the Revolutionary War.

Talking to reenactors. 

Watching a battle reenactment. 
Period fashion show. 

Redcoats preparing for action! 

Drilling outside the British camp. 

The one bad thing about our Combi stroller - the shades are worse than useless. But with our new invention - using the umbrellas from our wagon - voila! Shade! We may have been a walking spectacle, but at least it worked! 


The soldiers took groups of the kids and taught them how to drill with wooden muskets, and then coached them through a battle reenactment! Our 6yo absolutely loved this!

The only problem with the day.... it was cold. Cold as in COLD (at least for us thin-blooded Phoenicians... all you northerners probably would have been in shorts!). An hour or so in, we fled to the car to eat lunch and huddled inside with the heater on until we could warm up before we again ventured out. But try as we might, we only lasted for half the day, though we had planned to stay for the entire time.

Does this give you an idea of the weather? 
However, despite nearly freezing to death - and spending most of the rest of the day trying to get warm - we had a fun time. We love the events from "We Make History," and we hope to attend many more!

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