Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Surviving an Attack of Hearts!

I thought about titling this quick post "Surviving a Heart Attack," but figured that that might lead to unpleasant rumors!

For Valentine's Day, I had planned for us to do this awesome Valentine's idea for one of our neighbors. However, I chickened out - it just seemed like it would be super-awkward to explain if caught in the middle of putting it up! (I did think later of forewarning them so that they would expect our "surprise," but it was a bit late. Next year!) However, so as not to waste all those good hearts, we did it anyway as a surprise for Daddy!

Possibly less photogenic than the original, but still appreciated!

For fun, I also added a few "Name That Quote" hearts for hubby - this is an ongoing game that we have between ourselves (randomly quoting a book or film, upon which the other person has to name the title, character, and situation). He got both of them! Anyone else?

Forgive the typo - this was from memory! 

Anyone? (I deleted the one identifying word from this quote that would have made it too easy.)
Next year - the real thing for one of our sweet neighbors!

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