Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reaching a Life-Goal... and Having Fun Doing It!

Last month, I got to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time... I hosted my first baby shower! This shower was for a sweet friend in the homeschooling community who is currently awaiting the arrival of baby #4 - a baby who ought to be arriving any second, as she is currently at 41+2 weeks. We can't wait to meet her precious little one!

I had a lot of fun planning the shower. We had pink and white frosted cookies, vegetables and dip, lemonade and coffee, and a couple of other things that I have unfortunately forgotten due to how long ago this was! I made favors out of the extra cookies, and we played a couple of games and handed out "labor candles" - candles to burn while the mama is in labor as a reminder to pray for her and her baby during their birthing time.

To accommodate mamas who didn't have babysitting available, we made this a "mommy and young children" shower. Whether that was smart or not I'm not sure - it got pretty crazy! (But I didn't want anyone to have to skip the shower due to a Saturday-working hubby.)

This shower confirmed what I have long known - that I am much better at "back of the house" operations (food prep, etc.) than "front of the house" operations (hostessing, leading games, etc.). The former is something that I greatly enjoy (and can do reasonably well); the latter is something in which my performance is miserably behind-hand. I simply am not good in front of groups or in leading events. Next time I have the opportunity to bless a mama with a shower, I shall happily do the grunt work - but I shall ask somebody to lead it who can do it with less stuttering awkwardness than I!

I love helping with showers. There is something so special and precious about honoring and celebrating a mother as she prepares to give birth and to welcome a new baby into the world. Each time is a special event, and each birth and transition into motherhood is something to celebrate. Hopefully I shall have this opportunity many more times!

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take pictures - until I was putting the last few things away afterward. And that is why this entry is ending with a picture of lemonade... because that is the only thing left out by the time I said, "Oh shoot! I forgot to take pictures!"

Lemonade. Aren't you impressed? 
Babies are such wonderful things - and so are baby showers!!

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