Saturday, February 9, 2013

In Which We Sell Everything, Buy a Farm, and Move to the Country

Okay, not really. Just dreaming for a minute... but I'd sure like to!

Facebook friends may have wondered why I didn't publicly announce the job that DH was supposed to start two weeks ago. The answer, of course, was that the job didn't happen! DH flew successfully through each of four interviews, and all went well... until the job was formally offered, at which point we learned that the salary was only half of what had been originally discussed. After several frenzied hours of prayer and discussion (he didn't have much time), DH made the decision to turn down the job.

Oddly enough, both of us were wonderfully relieved about this turn of events. This in itself was odd, as we have been concerned to see time marching on with no other job in sight. We can't hold out financially forever, though we're doing our best. However, I was dreading seeing DH begin this job, knowing that it would be stressful, be far away, have a high commuting time, involve work he wasn't crazy about, and would keep daddy away from his family for most of every day. We have always wanted to have DH work from home, but it has never happened - and as taking this job seemed to be a financial necessity, we were prepared to get back to the grind.

DH revealed after the fact that he had been dreading this job as well, but had kept quiet about it. So both of us were quite surprised to find that neither of us had been positive about the position, but each was trying to keep doubts and apprehensions quiet for the sake of the other. The day we turned down the job, thus oddly enough became a day of rejoicing!

But we were back to the starting point... no job. And more importantly, no income!

Fast forward two weeks.

As of last week, I am pleased to say that DH now has a position, working with someone whom he likes, working from home, and doing something that he likes and will (I think) be very good at.

The only complication?

No salary! (Ack!) It's commission-based only, and he has to start from the ground up. Meaning, of course, that he has very little time to prove himself and work into this position before we will have to see (monetary) results.

Either it's sheer brilliance, or sheer insanity. At least half of the extended family thinks the latter! But we both feel much better about this than we did about the steady, salaried position that we turned down, and we're very excited about this opportunity. Nervous, but excited.

The same friend with whom DH will be working lent us the following video (I'm showing only the trailer), which we watched yesterday and absolutely loved. It is about one family's journey from being busy suburbanites to giving up all of their modern conveniences and lifestyle and moving (temporarily) to a farm in the country. (They are not Amish/Mennonite, as it may appear - they just chose the Plain lifestyle, including dress style.) Though we are not planning any such drastic move (yet), this was a wonderful video that highly encouraged us in our quest to bring DH home as much as we can, whether now or eventually, and it was a great encouragement to our faith. We highly recommend this video! (You can buy it here.)

It may sound odd to say, but we are still really enjoying unemployment. It's stressful, for sure. And it would be nice to have an income. But the family time is tops, and the discipline imposed by lack of funds has been really good for us. We are currently in a no-spending mode - if it costs money and it's not essential gas/groceries/bills, it isn't purchased! Period! It's so good for us. I've always been good at not spending money, but this is forcing us to tighten our financial ship considerably - to "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" (Amish proverb) - and it is a great exercise for us. We're also enjoying the spiritual journey - it is drawing us closer to each other and to God, and to discerning God's will for our life and our family. Besides the worry (which we shouldn't be doing), this time of unemployment has been a great blessing.

Not to mention that the longer we're unemployed, the easier it will be to convince DH to buy a farm, move to the country, and live off the grid! Woo hoo!

Seriously, though, I hope to have good news soon with which to update you all! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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