Monday, September 1, 2008

Upcoming Book Reviews

I have almost finished my third time through "A Grief Observed," and so should hopefully be posting a book review of that book very, very soon. It has turned into my favorite so far on the subject of human suffering. I highly recommend it!

I have also ordered a new book, "Managing Morning Sickness: A Survival Guide for Pregnant Women"by Miriam Erick. It has really good reviews on Amazon. Frankly, I want to be as prepared as possible for any possibly-future pregnancies, and this looked like a good bet! I do NOT want to repeat the innocent naivete of pregnancy #1 and #2. Knowledge is power!! So I'll be starting this book as soon as I get it, and I'll post a review soon afterward.

I realized that I have pretty much dropped the original intent of this blog. My original intent was to post information to help pregnant mums with HG, such as information on herbs, homeopathy, pharmaceuticals, etc. Well, I have done that (mostly in the early days of the blog), but this blog quickly morphed into more of a spiritual healing exercise (that I didn't even realize I needed!) helping me to deal with the spiritual hurt resulting from hyperemesis (common to all experiences with great suffering). Frankly, I think that this purpose is way more important, and I'm so grateful to the Lord for giving me this outlet and this means of healing. I really needed it, and I'm still in-process.

And, of course, another purpose of this blog is to get some much-needed air-time for hyperemesis. As I've noted before, it is almost impossible for HG to be a headlines-type disease, simply because the women who have it are in no shape to organize marches and hold signs and run marathons with cute ribbons pinned to their shirts, and the women who have just recovered from it are exhausted from newborn-care!! The only women who can publicize HG are those who have it in their pasts - I being one of them.

However, I don't want to neglect the original intent of this blog! So hopefully I'll be able to continue posting research as well as other items.

Have a wonderful holiday, all!

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