Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, DH finally cracked.

Actually, he didn't really crack.... It was forced upon him.

Explanation: DH has been doing this new low-carb-type diet for the past four weeks. I sort of did it with him for a week (I was cheating at the 3-day mark), but then quit. I'm just not cut out for low-carb living (I went to baking & pastry school, for goodness' sake!). But anyway, it's been really successful for DH - he lost something like 25 pounds in those 4 weeks.

Anyhow, on Thursday he started feeling yucky. He ended up taking half the day off on Friday and was out of sorts and feeling badly all day. He couldn't figure out what was wrong. Eventually, when he got on the phone with his sister, who is the guru of all things low-carb, she was able to instantly diagnose his issue - being that he had done too much low-carb too quickly, and was having a fairly common bad reaction. The solution? Eat carbs and go about the whole thing more moderately. And he obeyed! He's feeling much better. He's decided to ditch Diet Evolution for now (thank heavens!) and try to switch over to The Maker's Diet instead (which is a much more balanced diet, though not as good for quick weight loss). Hallelujah!!!

Here's a funny (though somewhat gross) story about Diet Evolution (skip if you're squeamish):

This diet completely ditches all ground grains - including pasta. Well, one "replacement pasta" is shirataki noodles, which are made from tofu. One disadvantage of the noodles is that, although they taste okay once cooked (just a bit rubbery), they smell fishy while you're preparing them. With my post-HG stomach (much more easily nauseated than it used to be), that was not a good thing! But the worst part... I guess these things aren't too digestible!! So I fed them to my toddler, and later, when changing his diaper (pause while I go throw up!!) there they were, in all their glory, looking for everything like the worst infestation of intestinal parasites you've seen north of South America. Aaackkk!!! The other packages have sat in our fridge, uneaten, ever since. I'm going to try to get up the guts to cook them and get them GONE this week so that I can forget about them.

Other than that, the response to our eleventh house bid is still silent and unavailing! We live in hope.

And I think that FOUR blog entries is enough for one day!!

The reason I'm blogging so much: I'm in "that time of the month" when I have to wait 2 weeks or so to find out if "this is the month" or not. I am always over-zealous in my HG research during those two weeks, because I feel like time is running out!! So I'm trying to get more bases covered just in case. I've learned a lot just today!!

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