Monday, September 15, 2008


Just found a new website for morning sickness, and it looks pretty neat! Here it is:

The authoress, Wendy, offers an e-book, morning sickness forums, her personal story, free nausea-tracking charts, and a free instructional video clip showing how to make one morning sickness remedy. I haven't been all around the site yet, but it looks awesome!! And she has the most adorable family!! Definitely check this website out and look around.

I was especially interested in this site once I discovered that the authoress has a very similar life philosophy to mine. I love connecting with like-minded mothers, and with HG, life-philosophy is especially important. Many HG forums are wrapped up in the "should I abort, should I not abort" question, and thankfully that is blessedly absent from her forums. This is a great life-affirming site that will encourage and help HG mothers without encouraging them toward abortion.

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