Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eating Crow, Part I

Well, I knew I'd come down to it sooner or later! This is probably the first of many.

In my last post I wrote the following about Miriam Erick's book "Managing Morning Sickness":

"However, there was one section in here which was so funny (unintentionally, I'm afraid) that I have to mention it. It is called "boredom and morning sickness" - a list of things to do when one is kept at home by morning sickness - things such as "make beaded barrettes or belts with a kit," "writing a child's storybook for the baby's third or fourth birthday, complete with pictures," "Knitting or embroidering," "Organizing a photo album," etc. What on earth??? If, like I was, you are in bed with morning sickness, you are in NO condition to even think about activities! That is just about as practical as giving a list of "things to do when you're home with severe food poisoning." When I was at home in bed, I was either throwing up or sleeping. Period. Origami never crossed my mind. If you're feeling well enough to do these things, I don't think you need to be in bed!! Of course, every case could be different. Who knows? I only have my experience from which to judge."

I now stand corrected by one of my severe-HG friends, who wrote to tell me that when she had her less-severe days, finding something mindless to do (such as the things on Erick's list) was very helpful in taking her mind off of her morning sickness. And so, I admit it! I was wrong!

Or at least in generalizing.... What I wrote was definitely true for my case - just not all.

I have heard from several HG mothers, however, agreeing with my statements questioning Erick's nutritional advice - they have all said the same thing: "How does nutritional advice help someone who can't tolerate solid food?" So at least I was right on that one!

I'm looking forward to hearing from other HG mothers about this book, if anyone out there has read it. Let me know how it worked for you!

And since I'm supposed to be working right now, I'd better get back to it!

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