Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My first birth publication!

I am so excited!! My birth story was included in a book of Arizona birth stories/art, and I just received the book in the mail! So fun!! It's called "Our Stories, Our Births: A compilation of birth art, poetry, letters and intimate birth narratives told by mothers in Arizona."

Of course, it's nothing to be super-proud of, because there was no "selection" - everyone who submitted material was included!

But it's my first time any of my "childbirth writing" has been put in actual print, and I am just excited about that!! Hopefully it's not the only time I'll be able to write on the subject.

In other news....

We have a gigantic spider hanging out in our storage closet. Actually, he/she has been there for months, but I was reminded of it yesterday when my vacuum struck her web and she rushed out and attacked the vacuum cleaner! I did a pretty good version of Patrick McManus's "Modified Stationary Panic," but I forgot the Russian dance steps - I had to settle for leaping upwards, dropping the vacuum and shouting something like, "Eergghhh!"

I am not a fan of spiders. I wouldn't let DH kill the spider, because it's obviously not a black widow or a brown recluse, and I don't like any unnecessary killing. But I'm giving the storage shed a wide berth! Maybe I'll get my dad to relocate it when he's out next. I'm thinking it's a female Southern House Spider - that's the closest I could come to identification. Ergh.

Our house purchase still eludes us! Bid #11 seems also to be slipping away from us, but we still hope.


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  2. Congrats on the book!!

    You may not have my nose, but you probably don't have my blabber beak, either! I can't keep my own secret to save my life!!

    We have a couple really big spiders too. I don't like to kill them but they still freak me out. We have a mutual understanding--they leave me alone, I leave them alone. Todd says they kill the other less desirables, too. I'll take them over black widows and scorpions, any day!

    PS--the deleted comment was me too--I accidentally posted it under the wrong account

    See you in the morning!


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