Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A busy week!

Our week of houseguests is over! It was a fun week - exhausting, but fun. We finally had the experience of finding our absolute dream house - a new experience, despite the fact that we have put in ten (yes, TEN!) bids on other houses over the past year. We've had a distinct fondness for three of the ten houses, but on the whole they've all been "right-place-right-price-so-let's-buy-it-quick!" houses. With this one we really lost our hearts to it. That's bad, because we have only about a 5% chance of getting this house! It will truly be a God-thing if we do get it. But I'm focusing on praying for God's will rather than the house, because I do not want to get ourselves in over our heads (this house would require a TON of yardwork and upkeep) or be outside of God's will for our lives. If you're reading this, we would appreciate your prayers for the Lord's guidance and peace in our lives right now!

Other than that, my house is currently filthier and more cluttered than it almost ever gets (happens with houseguests every time), so getting it in order is priority #1! All of my Bible studies start this week, so we're off to a busy fall season.

Over this past week I finished reading "A Grief Observed" for the second time and will be posting a review soon. I also finished "From Here to Maternity" (for my other blog) as well as "Morning Sickness Management." The latter will be getting a very mixed review, and a very long review. I'm rereading it right now, and will be starting my review soon afterwards.

Well, off to housekeeping! Love to all!

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