Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Research Results: Motherisk Hotline

Last week I finally got around to calling the Motherisk NVP hotline, so I thought I'd just go ahead and post my notes from that phone call rather than trying to summarize it in paragraph form.

Motherisk is a free hotline based in Canada at the Hopsital for Sick Children. They give free information on several pregnancy-related topics, one of which is morning sickness. Unfortunately all of their advice is mainstream-pharmaceutical based (no herbs or naturopathic remedies), but they are a super resource for drug information. Give them a call!

And here are my notes from my call:

Motherisk NVP Hotline: 1-800-436-8477

Called and spoke to counselor on September 26, 2008

- They have no data on herbal remedies

- They also have no data on preventing HG (although they are doing a study currently to see if Diclectin is more effective if taken at conception rather than at first nausea)

- Thus, I just asked them how to replicate Diclectin

o Diclectin (Bendectin) is a combination of 10 mg B6 and 10 mg doxylamine succinate (Unisom)
- Must break a 25 mg tablet of unisom in half to get ~10 mg
- Can take more B6 – up to 200 mg/day (make sure to include multivitamin in total)

o Take one dose four times daily – one in the morning, one midday, and two at night

o Some women take more
- Six doses/day is common
- Eight doses/day also is done, but should be done under care of OB
- Max dose of unisom is ~ 75 mg/day

o Drowsiness from unisom generally wears off after 2 weeks (sometimes less, sometimes more)

o Try to take doses at the same time each day

o Try to time them before your worst times of the day

o Can mix with other anti-emetics such as Zofran

o When you think you are ready to drop dosage, don’t go cold turkey – taper off gradually
- Eliminate one dose per day at a time, and wait several days to make sure you are still
100% okay before dropping another dose

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