Monday, October 6, 2008

Research Results: OB Consultation

Last Monday I saw my consulting OB (or rather, her representative in the form of a PA) to go over my supplement list for preventing/dealing with hyperemesis. Here are the results:

According to my OB's office....

All supplements on my list (previously published on this blog) are fine to take before or during pregnancy EXCEPT that:

- milk thistle, dandelion & wild yam should not be taken while trying to conceive, and
- wild yam should not be taken post-conception, i.e. during pregnancy

The end.

As I told a good friend last week, I am now in the happy position of having received advice without having the least intention of taking it!

I KNOW for a fact that milk thistle and dandelion are safe pre-conception. Milk thistle, in fact, is one of THE major NVP-prevention herbs out there, and has been taken pre-conception by thousands if not millions of women. I'm already taking it, have been taking it for the past year, and plan to take it all the way through any upcoming pregnancy. Dandelion I was planning to take post-conception.

The only one I'm confused on is wild yam. A lot of resources list it on the "do not take during pregnancy" lists, but it is also referenced as a potent anti-nausea/vomiting agent on many websites and in many herbals. I'm going to dive into my midwife's lending library to see if she has any pregnancy herbals where I can hash out the matter more deeply, and I'll report in afterwards.

So that's that!

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