Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving Forward

Well, our home inspection is set for tomorrow! We are really praying for the Lord's will. We are both totally and completely in love with this beautiful house, but we also have severe doubts as to how we will pay to live in it! So please pray with us that the Lord's will would be done and that we would not get ourselves buried up to our necks in a financial burden that we won't be able to handle!

Am I nervous about this leap? Just a LITTLE.

As life progresses this fall I feel myself little by little working into a place in which I might be willing to face another pregnancy. It's not easy. Making peace with the past is one thing, but making peace with the past which will repeat itself in the future is quite another thing. But last month's pregnancy scare really jolted me into action in terms of finishing research and getting ready, so I feel that I would be able to gear into action more smoothly if I did get a surprise baby one of these days.

Of course, I do want to wait until we're in our house, unpacked and somewhat stabilized. That would be good. But mentally and medically, I do feel like the time is getting closer when I'll be ready.

I am so thankful that the Lord has given me so much time. When I first started my monthly round of pregnancy scares a year ago, I was NOT ready for another baby (or pregnancy), mentally, emotionally or physically. HG just takes too big of a toll on one's body and mind. Now that two and a half years have passed, I feel slightly more ready.

That, and all of my friends around me are having babies! One just had a baby, two have babies who will be putting in appearances this winter, and one is soon-to-be-pregnant. I feel like hopping in! And if I had conveniently fluffy pregnancies, I probably already would have done so (assuming we're even able to get pregnant, which I don't know).

This will be a busy upcoming month. I'll post as often as I can!

Oh, and I've started making and drinking red raspberry leaf & nettle tea! I'm so proud of myself! They're both tonic herbs specifically good for women, and red raspberry leaf is a morning sickness remedy (as well as a uterine tonic for labor prep). I feel so herbalist-y and sophisticated!!

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  1. I'd put the brakes on if I were you about buying a house you wonder if you can afford. If you're not sure now, then that seems a pretty good indication that you'll still be not sure later -- but you will have to make it work, even if that means other things have to go. It's no fun being "house-poor."

    Check out DaveRamsey.com (excellent Christian financial counselor -- has a radio program, etc.) for more info, but he suggests that you wait to buy a house until you can put down 20%, and to have a 15-year fixed mortgage with a payment no more than 25% of your take-home pay. If you do more than that, it'll be tough to pay off other debt and/or save for other expenses (like replacing a car).

    You may also like the book "The Complete Tightwad Gazette" -- some of the info is a little dated (written as a newsletter in the early-mid 90s, but most of the information is timeless.

    Prov. 27:6


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