Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun Post

A girl from our church's college class let me in on one of her fast, time-saving recipes, and I had to share it because it is so brilliant!

I don't even know what to call this recipe - muesli, maybe?

Anyhow, I had mentioned that I liked putting Grapenuts on my plain yogurt, and she told me that she makes up a mixture of bulk-purchased items to put on her yogurt that is incredibly healthy and fast. You can use any combination, and it takes about 30 seconds to mix up, and it's great!

Here are some ideas for ingredients:

rolled oats, regular (this is generally the bulk of it)
oat bran
wheat bran
dried fruit (cranberries, raisins)
chopped nuts

Mix, add to plain yogurt, with or without fresh/frozen fruit, and you have a great snack or a quick meal!

I'll post my new recipe for homemade yogurt soon - this is truly the simplest, easiest way ever!! I just want to try it one more time to make sure it wasn't a fluke success.

Since our DS's arrival, I have faced a dilemma - an increasing desire for a whole-foods diet with ever-decreasing time constraints. Super-fast whole foods recipes like that mentioned above, and others, are life savers!!

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  1. Wheat germ is also a good addition -- with or without the other things. It was how I sneaked in a little extra protein when I was pregnant.

    My "tips" on quick meals with whole foods (or, sort of whole foods, anyway -- I cook from scratch almost all of the time), are 1) pressure cooker (cook foods in a third of the time), and 2) crock pot (make supper right after breakfast and let it cook all day). Also the old stand-by of cooking twice as much as you'll need and freezing the leftovers.


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