Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Holy Week and Easter

Last week, I posted a plan of all of the activities I had put on the calendar for Holy Week. Here's how the week actually went!

On Monday, we planned to make Resurrection Rolls and do our Resurrection Egg activity. BUT just before we started, we found a fledgling baby dove hopping around on the ground outside. At our house (the stomping grounds of four voracious semi-feral cats), a wee birdlet on the ground means one thing - lunch. In short order. We ended up spending the rest of the day working on Project Dove Rescue, and both Holy Week projects went out the window.

On Tuesday, I started again on the Resurrection Rolls. But the yeast wasn't proofing, and I ended up burning my hand (twice!). Reading the writing on the wall, I gave up and we made Jello eggs instead. A good thing, as the morning ended up being extremely stressful, and the rolls really would have sent me over the edge.

With his new birthday present - a big-boy water bottle. 

Wednesday was April Fool's Day. Out of five planned April Fool's Day projects, I completed one. (Yay!) Then we ended up being super-late for our homeschool Park Day due to the fact that I vastly underestimated the time that it takes to pack, load, and travel with four children. Yowzers! From now on, I need to allow a full hour of prep time to get our family out the door. Thankfully our park day was a success.

On Thursday, we did our Watercolor Crosses craft. Yay! Finally, something went as planned! The children spent the rest of the morning building an outdoor tent - and more importantly, did so with a minimum of sibling bickering. Mmm.

Whoever thought up this craft deserves a reward. Easiest craft ever! 

On Friday I made Hot Cross Buns, we did our Resurrection Eggs activity, and we all attended church for Good Friday services. 

For the past few years, we have made Holy Saturday our "Easter" - so much easier than trying to cram in an egg hunt and a big dinner on an already-busy church day. This year we continued the tradition.

Thus, on Saturday, we had our Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner (ham, fruit salad, asparagus, chard, crockpot scalloped potatoes). A success!

We finished the day with Key Lime Pound Cake - the last piece of which is currently calling my name. Mmm. I think it's time to draw this blog post to a close.  

On Sunday, we attended church and enjoyed the rest of the day with family. 

And a couple additional baby pictures from the week:

Yes, I know. She's dressed like a boy. However, I have been thoroughly lectured on the subject by indignant family members, so I have promised to repent and reform, even though that means... shopping. Argh.

Happy Easter, dear readers! He is risen!


  1. Shopping for baby girls is actually fun. :) I hope you can find some fun in it. Or buy some clothes off ebay and have them delivered to your door so you don't have to shop. I actually miss dressing baby girls . . .

    I think your Holy Week reality sounds wonderful (other than the burns). I keep my yeast in the freezer. I buy it in bulk--5 lbs at a time--and I've never had a problem with proofing even after many months. Here's wishing your future bread-baking success!

    1. Don't worry, I'm sure shopping will be fun! It's just that shopping usually goes on my "Oh no, not something ELSE that I need to do!" mental list - but when I get there, it will be fun. Even if it's not, my husband will adore it! (He loves girly clothes for little ones!)

      I am so impressed - five pounds of yeast!! Wow! The funny thing was that I used the yeast and it worked, even though it didn't bubble during proofing. Maybe it's just weaker but still alive???

      Hope things are well with you and the wee one!!


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