Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our Plans for Holy Week

Our plans for Holy Week!

Resurrection Eggs activity (homemade version)


April Fool's Day fun
Homeschool fellowship group Park Day and Egg Hunt


Dyeing Easter eggs
Hot Cross Buns
Church for Good Friday

Easter egg hunt
Easter dinner with family (quiche, ham, fruit salad, deviled eggs)

Church and church Easter potluck

Have a wonderful time celebrating Holy Week, dear readers! 


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!
    We're going simple this year, I'm too nauseated to do anything big. The plan is for our morning devotional to be hymns and reading the scriptures sharing Christ's final week, and watching some of the same in these free Bible videos online:

    1. Tristan, thank you for sharing!!

      Last Easter I was super-nauseated with our newest little one's pregnancy, and YUCK - we ended up doing pretty much nothing for either Holy Week or Easter. Don't worry about not being able to do a lot this year!!

      As a matter of fact, we're batting zero over here anyway - our plans went out the door when we ended up rescuing a baby dove this morning, and the rest of the day went to that. Perhaps tomorrow!!


  2. Okay, I just had to come back and share what we did this morning for day 1 of the devotional because it turned out better than I expected. Our topic was Christ being anointed at Bethany. We read 3 different accounts of it and talked about what we learn from each one. So we read Matthew 26:3-13, then Mark 14:3-9, then John 12:1-9. All are about the same event but each writer recorded slightly different details. Then we asked the kids what gifts we can give to Jesus now and read and discussed Matthew 25:34-40.

    It was simple but everyone enjoyed it, even the younger ones, because they were listening to see what else they could learn from each account. Each of the devotionals will be set up this way. Hooray for simple!

    1. That sounds awesome! Love it!!!

  3. You are both too fabulous for words . . . I wish you a joyful week ahead.

    (And I think that rescuing the dove is the best thing you could have done!)


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