Saturday, March 21, 2015

Homeschool Edition: Finishing Last Year, Starting Next Year

One of the big items on my to-do list this month is finishing up our school year and getting ready to start the next. You'd think this would be pretty simple, but it's actually more time-consuming than it looks.

Here's a quick snippet of what I'm getting done this month:

Summer Break

Finishing this year

- Make a summer-break bucket list
- Figure out next year’s school dates
- Develop new chore schedule to start over the summer
- Figure out next year’s curriculum choices
- Finish school work
- File all papers
- Print records for student notebooks, master notebook
             o Crafts
             o Science experiments
             o Read-Alouds
             o Field trips
             o Poetry books
             o Picture Study
- Curriculum summaries for each student, master notebook
- Write out a year summary, print for each notebook, master notebook
- Enjoy summer break!

Preparing to start next year

- Update homeschool charter, print
- Clean out my homeschool notebook
- Clean out homeschool shelf
- Clean out homeschool cupboard
- Make a list of needed supplies
- Buy supplies
- Make a list of needed curriculum
- Buy curriculum
- Make student checklists for next year
- Make to-do list for homeschool convention
- Buy convention tickets
- Plan first-term science experiments (6)
- Plan crafts
- Plan for preschool activities
- Write out semi-annual goal sheet
- Print:
            o First week checklist
            o Crafts
            o Science experiments
            o Field trips
            o Poetry log
            o Read-aloud record

- Set up student notebooks, supplies
- Plan not-back-to-school party
- Make signs and cards for first day of school

Homeschool mamas, what is involved in finishing up your school year?

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers!


  1. Good luck! That's quite the to-do list. :) I hope it doesn't get too overwhelming.

    1. Thanks! I think my main problem really is an obsessive-compulsive tendency to make lists!! If I didn't plan it out so exactly, I probably would have less to do. As it is, I really do stress myself out with the long lists I make. Ah, well. :)

  2. We will finish up a few subjects and I will need to administer our yearly standardized tests (we submit the overall score for each child to the state each year here in Ohio). We finished Geography last week (hip hip hooray!) and so after a week break we are starting History Revealed.

    1. Wow, standardized tests! Very impressive. We don't have that requirement in AZ, and while I'd like to try it eventually, we haven't gotten that far yet. I hope it goes well! And I can't wait to hear about your geography/history studies - you guys always have such insanely fun history projects. :)


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