Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for April 21st

Witness, Winsomeness and Winter - Excellent thoughts regarding the future of the church in the United States and the Western world. Sobering, but vitally important. (Think Theology)

"I spent the weekend with my friend Andy McCullough, who leads a church in a large Middle Eastern city. Amidst all the exciting stories of church growth, baptisms and Muslims coming to faith through dreams, be brought a sombre perspective as well: where I come from, he said, we’ve gone through the whole cycle – winter (0-150), spring (150-300), summer (300-600), autumn (600-1400), winter (1400-2000), and we’re now (God willing) coming back into spring – whereas you guys are in autumn, and may need to start getting ready for winter. Are you ready for that? Or are you living as if an Indian summer will continue forever?"

What My Children Have Taught Me (This Year) - I love lists like these - I'm constantly accumulating lists like this of my own. (Growing In His Grace)

Cultural vs. Biblical Standards - As always, Headmistress hits the nail on the head. (The Common Room)

Mom - At Home - "I have had seasons of outside adventure in the past.  Someday new seasons will arrive. For now, though, I will keep home." (A Fly on My Homeschool Wall)

Study Links Birth Control to Brain Cancer - Was I the only woman who was told none of the health risks when going in to get a birth control prescription? Nope, didn't think so. (Titus 25)


  1. Ummm, I'm about to cry seeing you put one of my posts on your list of Tidbits and Snippets. How grateful I am for this heart-lift today. :)

    And I continue to enjoy these posts of yours. Thanks for taking the time to create them.

    1. Anne, you're so sweet - I was thrilled to have such a lovely post from you to include! I loved it!

      I love putting these together - it's a lot of fun!!


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