Monday, April 13, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for April 13th

Why America's Obsession with STEM Education is Dangerous - I have seen and puzzled over the same preoccupation amongst homeschoolers as well as in my local community (STEM! STEM! We need more STEM!), and I agree with this author's analysis. (The Washington Post)

Sex, God, and a Generation That Can't Tell the Difference - "If you have a sexual ethic more solid than your average Jello mold, you’re free game for Millennial judgment. Millennials are incredibly judgmental when it comes to sexuality—if you’re not doing something you’re a loser, and if you have convictions you’re a bigot." (Millennial Evangelical)

What I Learned the Hard Way: How I Protect My Family on Instagram - I've never been on Instagram, but all of this applies to social media... and to blogging. (Deseret News)

Theological Black Holes - I think we've all seen this happen to individuals and ministries - many, many times. (

The Inerrancy Summit Videos - In case you missed seeing this year's Shepherd's Conference live, the videos are now all archived. Check it out! (

Should Singles Live Alone? - Good thoughts here (on a question I never faced, but many do). (Growing in His Grace)

Whining Whiners, and How to Cure Them: A Checklist - One of my favorite bloggers tackles a perennial problem. I like to review this article every so often. (Like Mother, Like Daughter)

A Disciplined Home is a Joyful Home - "Model discipline to your children. Keep your home neat and tidy. Show respect towards your husband and allow him to lead.  Don't waste your time on the television, Internet and iPhone, if your home is in disarray."

Okay, so maybe I should get off the computer now. 

Have a wonderful afternoon, dear readers!

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