Friday, April 10, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for April 10th

Marriage and the Supreme Court: A Call to Prayer - "The price of getting marriage wrong is steep, and as in the rest of the Sexual Revolution, children will foot much of the bill. It matters tremendously to our nation and to future generations that we agree with God on this." (

To My Newborn Baby, With Love from Mama - Beautiful. (The Modest Mom)

Children Are a Blessing (Film Review and Give-Away) - We loved this film - make sure to sign up for the give-away! Cindy also has lots of great things to say, so make sure to check out her review as well. (excerpt below). (Get Along Home)
"I am glad that Moore Family Films contacted me to see if I’d review Children Are a Blessing, because their little film blessed my heart. Not only does it make me feel a little less alone, but as it takes us through the birth of one of their own new blessings, it does the double duty of being a winsome revelation for those who don’t already understand the deception that the contraceptive culture has perpetrated on the church. 
"Really, just a few Margaret Sanger quotes shine enough light on the faded whitewash covering the “family planning” facade to call into question everything we’ve been taught about marriage and family. But when the Moore family further reveals their own difficult journey from secular to Christian thinking on the subject, there’s really not a lot left to say except “God, forgive and save our selfish culture!”
(Read the whole post here.)

Because: A Poem Honoring Cesarean Awareness Month - The author beautifully captures all of the various emotions associated with cesarean birth. (Science and Sensibility)
On the same topic, check out the post Recovering from a Cesarean (Surviving the Difficult Days). Excellent material here! (Raising Arrows)

When Did We Stop Liking Children? - "We have been served this ideology that children are to be taken care of by “experts.” We have been fed this thought that diapers can be changed, and noses can be wiped by anyone. Why would a capable and intelligent woman forfeit her potential to stay home and do the mundane, the ordinary, the grunt work? How can we as women be satisfied in being ONLY a wife and mom? I mean any woman can do that, right? That’s what we have daycares for." (Deep Roots at Home, Guest Post by Susan of The Modern Mayflower Blog)
On a related topic, see the fascinating post No Babies, Please, We're European. So much good material there. (The American Conservative)

How to Take Care of Your Gut: Primal Flora - This new probiotic from Mark's Daily Apple looks fabulous. (Mark's Daily Apple)

4 Reasons NOT to Have a Homeschool Room - Good stuff. (My Joy-Filled Life)

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  1. I love to read pro-family writing. Thanks for posting these!

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying them! Pro-family issues are my passion, and I'm always thrilled to share posts on those subjects - even though they go against the culture, and often the mainstream (or even conservative) church culture as well. Thank you for the feedback! :)


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