Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for April 16th

How Much Sugar Is Recommended Per Day? - Good stuff, and the comment section is great too. (Mark's Daily Apple)

Seven Reasons We Hate Free Range Parenting - This just makes me sad. I hope and pray that we can sometime see a major push-back against our current CPS-happy culture. (Bloomberg View, hat tip to

Character Training for Children: A Core Aspect of Discipleship - One of my favorite bloggers talks about character training for homeschool families. Haven't read this yet, but have it up to peruse - it looks awesome. (Large Families on Purpose)

Delighting in Death - "The giddy, grinning delight which the Gloria Steinems of this world display concerning abortion is driven by more than just the desire to stop rape victims having unwanted children. It is powered by the grotesque thrill which holding power over life and death brings with it." Fascinating insights here. (First Things)

Ten Blessings That Come With a Large Family - We don't have a large family (yet?), but these were fascinating to read. (In the Nursery of the Nation)

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