Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tidbits for April 7th

Too Bad We Can't "Ban" Accreta: The Downstream Consequences of VBAC Bans - "[W]hat most people do not consider is that VBAC bans translate into mandatory repeat cesareans, and those surgeries expose women and babies to a condition far more life-threating and difficult to treat than uterine rupture: placenta accreta." (Science and Sensibility)

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon - A two-hour documentary, free for watching online. (Hat tip to Challies.com)

Introducing.... The Long Way - Cheryl of Treasures from a Shoebox announces a new blog specifically geared toward the needs of girls, mothers, and their families, co-written with her five daughters. I can't wait to read this, especially since our family recently welcomed our first girl. (The Long Way to Go)

The Two Truths - "'Most secularists are too politically savvy to attack religion directly or to debunk it as false. So what do they do? They consign religion to the value sphere—which takes it out of the realm of true and false altogether. Secularists can then assure us that of course they “respect” religion, while at the same time denying that it has any relevance to the public realm.'” (Challies.com)
"We have to understand that the Bible describes a way of looking at the world that is perfectly unified, where both facts and values flow from the same Source and achieve the same great end. Today more than ever, we must be people who know and love and live the Word of God. And then we must be prepared to stand on, and suffer for, what we know is true."

Praying Over Your Husband's Career and Work Ethic - I especially loved this one. Make sure to catch the whole series (in process). (Growing in His Grace)

Remembering Baby - "Here is my answer to her [question]: 'How did you memorialize your babies?'" (Contentment Acres)

Recipe Corner

Key Lime Pound Cake With Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting - Yes. Oh, yes. It was divine.

Scalloped Potatoes in the Crockpot - Made it for Easter, then again for Easter church potluck! Fast, easy, delicious. For church, I cooked it overnight on low.

It's that time of year - Palo Verde blossoms!

Have a wonderful week, my friends!

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