Monday, January 14, 2013

Wading Through Armadillos, Giant Rabits, and Rodents of Unusual Size

One of the many things that I love about home education is the plethora of opportunities that we have for field trips and extracurricular activities! We participate in at least one field trip per week - and what's even better, we experience them as a complete family unit! These field trips are quickly becoming part of our family memories and our family experience - all the more so as DH is able to come with us during this time of unemployment.

I love homeschooling.

And if you know anything about my history, you will know that my saying that is nothing short of a miracle.

This past week, we were blessed by a wonderful field trip to a local traveling petting zoo, led by a woman who rescues and rehabilitates all kinds of animals, from pets to exotics.

The armadillo! Boy, this little fellow was incredible, especially when he did his rolling-into-a-ball act. Adorable!
The lady in charge gave a brief talk about her various animals, as well as how to hold them safely, and then let the kids loose upon them. Frankly, I was a lot more nervous about everything than she was! (I was the one following our son about nervously, muttering "Don't drop the turtle!!" etc.)

Our littlest one was extremely fond of the baby alpaca, but unfortunately for him, the alpaca is still people-shy.

Our middle baby loved everything! He had a great time.

Our eldest's favorite was the gecko! The owner explained that the gecko has an unsettling habit of jumping unexpectedly onto people's faces - which the gecko promptly did to our son! He spent the rest of the time telling everyone about his adventures with the gecko (and trying to get it to jump on him again, which it obligingly did).

The incredible jumping gecko!
This was an awesome experience for all of us, and our entire homeschool fellowship group greatly enjoyed it.

Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying home education?

'Night, all!

Guinea pigs! 

A Patagonian Cavy - one of the world's largest rodents! (A relative of the capybara)

A Giant Flemish Rabbit (the pic doesn't do it justice - this thing was huge!)

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