Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snow-Made Yumminess!

This past week, while we were up north... it snowed! So fun! So, in proper homeschool-mom mode (woo hoo!), I immediately set about finding projects to do with the snow (which is indeed a rarity for us). 

I've wanted for years to make snow candy, a la "Little House in the Big Woods," but most of those recipes call for masses of real maple syrup, which is slightly less expensive than molten gold - so I eventually found this recipe which calls for common household ingredients. Alas, it did not get made (the weather wouldn't cooperate), but it's on the list for next time.

Instead, we made snow ice cream! I used this recipe, and as we had a hard enough time finding enough snow to fill a quart measure, let alone a gallon, we made a quarter-recipe.

Adding the sugar in....

The 6yo, whose interest in cooking usually lies in waiting ever-so-impatiently for the end results, looks on as we add the vanilla...

Notice the plate of MY FAVORITE FRUITCAKE in the background. The fruitcake that I COULDN'T EAT. Just wrong!! 

Be careful adding the milk - it is very careful to go overboard (it turns quickly from snow to "snow ice cream" to "snow soup").

We ended up with "ice cream soup," but I'm told it tasted good anyway. 

It's not like normal ice cream, but it's a great and easy craft! 
We almost never manage to visit north when there's snow, but this was one of those wonderful times! I think snow ice cream is a tradition that will stick - easy, fast, delicious, kid-friendly! What more could I ask? And hopefully we'll get around to snow candy next time as well!

 I hope each and every one of you has had a blessed holiday season! Love to all! 

Because every blog post should end with an adorable baby flopped in a cat bed! 

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