Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homemade Tomato Sauce With No Peeling or Seeding!

Lately, I have been blessed with many, many tomatoes - far more than we could eat fresh. But throw them away? NEVER!  However, I do not have the time or mental stamina to sit around peeling and seeding tomatoes for hours upon end in order to make traditional recipes of tomato sauce.

The solution? Skip the peeling and seeding, of course! I found this great recipe and followed it - that plus another one that I can no longer find. Check out the above link for the awesome pictures and more detailed directions. My one change was to cook down the sauce so that it more closely resembled storebought canned sauce.

The result? Wonderful, super-easy sauce that has no unknown ingredients and no BPA from can linings!

This sauce was made with plum tomatoes, and we used it last night on Eggplant Parmesan. Yum! 

Easy, No-Peel, No-Seed Tomato Sauce


Tomatoes! Lots of them!

Optional ingredients: Olive oil, salt, onion.


Wash tomatoes well, core. Halve or quarter if you want to. Dump in a pot with some water and salt (opt.), and cook on low to medium for as long as you want, until your desired level of thickness is reached - once they are cooked, crack or remove the lid to let the sauce reduce. I cook mine for 24-36 hours. (Make sure to put on low for overnight!) Blend with a blender or immersion blender, and watch those skins disappear! Woo hoo! Cool and freeze.

* If desired, add olive oil and onion at the beginning. You can also saute the onion in the olive oil before adding the tomatoes in the beginning stages. Spices such as basil are also an option.

* You can also do this in a crockpot - turn the lid sideways (on an oval crockpot) when the time comes to reduce.


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