Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snowmen: The Good, the Great, and the Really Ugly

For the past few months, I have committed to include at least one planned craft per week into our homeschool curriculum. None of us is particularly crazy about crafts, but I think it's good for us - and we do end up having fun!

This week I planned to make the Giant Snowman Craft from The Happy Home Fairy blog. It came out fairly nicely, if I do say so myself!

If you don't subscribe to this blog, mamas, check it out! She has so many great ideas for crafts and family activities - and most use materials that I already have at home! Next week I am going to try her Popsicle Stick Snowman Door Hanger for our craft!

I am finding that one great boon to our craft times is massive amounts of advance preparation. Our son has very little patience with crafts - and the possibilities for intense frustration increase exponentially during long crafts - so when I take the time to set out every needed material and do a bit of mise en place, our crafts are much happier events than our former, "You WILL enjoy this craft! NOW!" events.

Of course, then I got carried away and decided to try another snowman craft on the site, her cute little Easy Snowman Snack. There was the slight issue of having almost none of the needed ingredients, but by golly I wanted to do it anyway! The results were not pretty.

He may look like an evil paint-balling snowman from a Christmas horror film, but he's supposed to be cute. Really. 
Oh well, at least our son enjoyed eating him! (All but the chlorophyll I used for painting - that didn't go down too well. I usually use chlorophyll to dye our Christmas cookie frosting green, but I guess in this case it was a bit too concentrated.)

I'm always learning something new on this homeschooling journey!

(Next week I'll refrain from horror-film snowmen, though I may think of something worse!)

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