Friday, January 18, 2013

The Big Day Has Arrived!

This Thursday was a big day, folks.... I celebrated Day #150 on the Very Low Carb (VLC) Diet!
Woo hoo! It's time to party!! And what better way to party than with....

Squash Nachos!!!

To make: Slice yellow squash thinly, put on oiled cookie sheet, brush with oil and salt (I forgot that part), then bake at 225 for 1-3 hours or till slightly brown and crisp. Add usual nacho accoutrements. 

You know you want some!!

Actually, they weren't bad, and when covered with salsa the taste of squash pretty much disappeared! I'm not saying anything, but there's another squash in the kitchen that is calling my name!

I am really excited to have been on the diet so long! Last time I was only on it for something like 24 days before getting pregnant, so I wasn't able to experience the long-term effects of the diet. This time I am experiencing the full effects... and I love it! It's not easy to be sugar-free and grain-free, but I love the effects. Let me summarize....

Observed Health Benefits of the Very Low Carb Diet (Days 1-150)

- Better energy. I have always struggled with fatigue and low energy, so this is a wonderful boon!! LOVE it!!!

- My complexion has cleared up. Unexpected, but nice!

- Fewer allergies. I have noticed this before, so this was somewhat expected. I started developing seasonal allergies two or three years ago, and I have noticed that they disappear whenever I am grain-free. I'm guessing this is because non-traditionally-prepared grains can be a gut irritant, and allergies often stem from gut health.

- Better sleep and less insomnia.

- This is a BIG one - my postpartum nausea level has dropped to a big, fat, zero. This is amazing!!! I usually deal with multiple daily waves of postpartum nausea for the first 1-2 years postpartum. As soon as I got on the diet (after dealing with the initial mistake of doing low-fat), my postpartum nausea vanished. This is nothing short of astounding!

- Weight loss. I have now lost baby weight from our last baby and our next-to-last baby, and am working on that from our next-to-next-to-last baby. After that I'll only have post-wedding and college weight to deal with! This is a nice benefit, and I feel much better.

Moving On...

My next milestone will be the six-month mark, which will be a lot of fun! I am having a great time. Though I do miss grains and sugar (fruit and starchy vegetables and legumes...) the benefits have been too awesome to make me want to quit. I just love feeling so much better! And developing a completely new repertoire of recipes has been a fun adventure too, though it's a challenge.

Does anyone have any comments or questions? I'd love to discuss what I'm doing or answer any questions. Feel free to shoot questions this way!

Have a wonderful night, everyone!

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