Monday, January 21, 2013

A Post in Which I Do NOT Get Political

This morning, upon my suggestion, our entire family sat down to watch the presidential inauguration. Not that I'm thrilled about the political state of our country, but I want our family's education to include a thorough knowledge of the political process. Earlier in the fall we did a mock election to show our son the basics of the election process, and now I wanted to show him the culmination of the process.

It was a big mistake.

First of all, our 6yo was bored stiff. And that's an understatement, frankly. Let's just say that he was so completely unimpressed that he spent the entire time playing with LEGOs and asking if we could do something else.

Alert! Alert! Homeschool fail!

Seriously, though, I wasn't too upset - he is really too young to be interested in political speeches and parades. I don't remember being interested in the political process until I was at least ten years old. There's time.

Secondarily, I found the entire thing so completely depressing that I have been in a very down mood ever since. Needless to say, I am not happy about the way our country is going politically and spiritually (not that I would have been particularly elated had the opposite candidate won!). And for all of today, I have been fighting the urge to come over to my blog and write an extremely biting political commentary to express my feelings.

But I'm not going to.

For one thing, I am not a skilled debater. Even though my politics are just as red-hot as the next fellow (probably hotter!), anyone with really good debate skills can spin me into a philosophical dizzy spell in no time. Additionally, I do not have the thick skin necessary to be a political commentator and to handle the vitriolic comments and hate mail that the internet community chooses to shower upon political bloggers. I am ridiculously thin-skinned.

Furthermore, this is not particularly a political blog. Though I am not immune to throwing out little political comments from time to time, the focus of this blog is just different, and I want to keep it that way.

But most of all, my source of depression over today was not anger over the candidate who was sworn into office. It is, instead, grief over the spiritual direction in which this country has chosen to go. I am intensely grieved over America's self-chosen destiny.

I am grieved that America has chosen to hold human life cheaply - that we now choose to slaughter 22% of our children in abortion clinics, for our own convenience. Our sweet babies deserve better.

I am grieved that America has chosen to abandon the Bible and the God of the Bible. I believe that the Bible contains everything we need "for life and godliness," and that in jettisoning them we are doing inestimable evil to ourselves.

I am grieved that America is choosing to give up more and more civil liberties in exchange for government handouts, and at the price of increasing governmental control in every area of our lives.

I am indeed grieved.

If anyone is tempted to come and leave any "You are a stupid idiot!" comments, please don't. I am not trying to start a fight. I am not trying to start a debate (I would lose!). I am simply expressing feelings and sorting out my own thoughts.

I will be praying constantly and fervently for God's leadership over our nation, and guidance for our newly elected president (and protection for him and his family). Please join me.

(And for those dear readers who are of opposite political persuasion, please know that I love you dearly!)

Love to all.

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