Sunday, January 20, 2013

Article: The Link Between High-Carb and Morning Sickness

Good morning, everyone! Happy Sabbath!

Jump on over to The Primal Parent to take a look at her article, "High Carb Diets Can Cause Morning Sickness." (With a hat tip and big thank-you to reader A. who alerted me to this article!)

This is obviously (as you'll see when reading) an article geared toward normal morning sickness and not HG. The two are quite different in what works and what doesn't work - as we all know! (It's just not possible for a mama in active HG to 'tough it out.') But there's some good info here, and I was excited to see someone doing work that parallels what I am currently investigating.

Thank you very much to the author of this article for sharing!

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