Monday, January 31, 2011

HG Story of an OB/GYN

Thanks to "Knocked Up, Knocked Over" for posting this - this is her OB/GYN's hyperemesis story - no wonder she is a great doctor!

Dr. Aimee Brecht-Doscher: A Personal Story of Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Interesting quotes:

"I dreaded caring for hyperemesis patients -- as do many of my colleagues -- for several reasons. We get frustrated when we are sometimes unable to offer the patient any meaningful relief. We see the patients themselves as difficult, even perhaps a bit crazy - having never met most of them before they were sick, it’s easy to wonder if somehow their depression and anxiety weren’t the cause, rather than the result of their illness. When patients improve in the hospital, and get worse again when they go home, over and over, we wonder whether there is a conflict at home and patients are either trying to escape or get attention, rather than just being the result of dehydration, or worsening of the disease. We don’t understand why some people have nausea and continue to function well, while others are begging for time off work." (emphasis mine)

Ever wonder how the "hyperemesis is a psychological illness" myth got started? This is a good explanation! What do you think?


Throughout this horrible experience, I received sympathy and support from some of my colleagues, but snide derision from others. My boss -- an Ob/Gyn, and the medical director of our large multispecialty group -- actually said to me, "I wish I could have hyperemesis so I could lie in bed and read books all day."

The same contempt with which HG is often held by society in general is, unfortunately, shared by many in the medical community (which is only natural).

I wish there were more doctors like this one out there!


  1. That was a very interesting article to read. Other than my mother and grandmother, I have only personally met two women who have had HG and they are truly the only ones who have understood what my pregnancies were like.

    I shared the stories of my three pregnancies with you several months ago. After an eight year gap I am pregnant with my fourth child (I'm 6.5 weeks now).

    My husband works at home now, which has made a huge difference. So far, I've been able to hold my food down. If I had to get up in the morning to care for my children I know I would be throwing up.

    Thankfully my doctor remembers my history and is taking it seriously. I have my Diclectin prescription ready to go if I need it. Only 2 out of my past 3 pregnancies were HG ones, so I'm hoping and praying this is another easy one, but preparing for the worst.

  2. Amy - GOOD LUCK with your current pregnancy with your sweet new little one! I hope that this one is a much easier time for you! I'd love to hear how things go for you. THank you for visiting and for commenting!



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