Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long-Term Care

This afternoon we had our interview with Arizona Long-Term Care, which is the next step beyond the Department of Disabilities, and would qualify baby for lifelong care (which functions as a secondary insurance) and would help us out with the therapies he needs.

The interview was super-short, less than 20 minutes. The rep said that she thinks baby will qualify, but that if he doesn't, she'll just re-apply for him in one month, when he turns 18 months, and he definitely will qualify then. So he'll be qualifying, either now or in March.

Based on her questions, she said that baby is doing some things that 6- and 9-month-olds should be doing, and and none of the things that 12- and 15-month olds should be doing. So that's where we are for the moment.

Tomorrow is our MRI follow-up with our neurologist, so that should be interesting. This doctor is probably the best in the nation - he is just awesome. He's an older guy who carries all of his tools of the trade in a real,  old-fashioned black doctor's bag. When we met him, I thought "What is this guy doing? He hardly looked at our little one!" But in short order, I realized that this guy had an expertise beyond anything I could imagine, and that he could, with a few short movements and glances, completely evaluate our little guy and tell us all about him. That's what working for 50 years in the field does! He is amazing. And thankfully, he's not the type of doctor to order all sorts of tests and send us to more specialists ad infinitum, so that's a relief!

Have an awesome afternoon, all! 

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